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Cody Mayo Acting Studio is dedicated to providing professional training for Film & TV Actors & Empowering individuals in Communication.

We offer weekly classes, workshops with industry professionals, and private coaching.

With our courses, actors become prepared and confident for day 1 on set & business professionals begin communicating effectively.

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"Cody knows how to approach a character in a script and infuse it with the life it needs to jump off the screen. This level of preparation and experience enables him to turn in amazing auditions and create memorable and dynamic TV characters. Working with Cody on 9-1-1 was a dream. His kindness, innate talent, and commitment to his work allowed us to fully inhabit our characters and create some really fun scenes together."

Beth Triffon | Actor

The Goldbergs, Ten Days in the Valley, Fresh Off the Boat, 9-1-1

"Cody Mayo has it all. He is an exquisitely trained actor with a resume full of high-caliber credits covering a vast array of work in all mediums. In addition to his skills and talents as an actor, Cody deeply understands the process of the craft. He is an examiner of the human heart and he knows how to get actors to work from that place. Cody will guide you through the journey to finding truth, honesty and heart in your work."

Cameron Watson | Award winning Director, Actor, & Coach

Cheers, Dynasty, Six Feet Under, Scandal, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy

"I've had the pleasure of working with Cody both on set and on self tapes! On set he is focused, prepared and brilliant and his work is so grounded and natural, that if you didn't know him you'd think he just casually stumbled into effortlessness. When in reality, that effortlessness is supported by focused work and preparation, he just makes it look easy. In the ten years I've worked professionally, I've run into very few actors like Cody. Because not only is Cody's work exceptional, but he is kind, patient, attentive and endlessly positive. My experience working with him has stuck with me and I can't wait to do it again!"

Hope Lauren | Actor

The Republic of Sarah, Walker, The Forever Purge, Supergirl.

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Our advanced Acting classes & Acting workshops are not available for online registration, as they are exclusive to Studio members only.